Boiler Repair? Central Heating Service?

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For heating and boiler repair call-outs we charge £80.00 to diagnose faults.
If it can be repaired immediately without replacing parts, there will be no additional cost.
If we are unable to diagnose the fault then there is no charge.


  • Installation of Complete Heating Systems
  • Upgrade existing Central Heating Systems to increase Energy Efficiency and reducing Heating Bills
  • Boiler Replacement/Upgrade
  • Service and Repair Boilers
  • Service and Repair Central Heating Systems
  • Powerflush Central Heating Systems


We install complete Central Heating Systems, giving you options and guidance in terms of cost of installation so you can make an informed decision.

We happily upgrade Central Heating Systems to exceed energy efficiency guidelines to reduce your heating bills.

We give you three options for Boiler Replacements: budget; mid-market; and premium.

We advise your system is Powerflushed every 5 years, although we are finding in a number of instances it is better to replace radiators and do a manual flush particularly when the system is heavily blocked and radiators appear older than the existing boiler.

Remodeling and Home Design